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What will Keep Mosquitoes from Biting Me? Natural Hack

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Why is it that some people have no problem at all with mosquitoes and other are eaten alive by them.  When you have an issue with these pesky flying insects driving you crazy, you just want relief and want it now! We find ourselves asking “What will keep mosquitoes from biting me?”

When it comes to fighting these blood sucking vampires, you are not alone in trying to find an answer. The mere thought of wearing full set of long sleeve shirt & pants in the middle of an summer evening just to keep them at bay is not what any of us considered to be comfortable.

Read On to learn about a natural hack that can help……..

Why do Mosquitoes Keep Biting Me?

Mosquito bite some individuals more than others (such as your hubby, kid or buddy), because of genes. Your DNA will determine whether you are most likely to excrete skin substances that are eye-catching to female mosquitoes. It is just the female range of mosquitoes that will certainly attack to collect blood.

Mosquito Sprays Harmful

Not only are mosquito sprays harmful to the environment but they are also not good for humans. The key ingredient in most sprays is “Deets” which is a chemical and has been know to cause quiet a few side effects. We all are always looking for more natural ways to improve our lives.

Natural Method to Repeal Mosquitos

The idea of using a natural hack to repel mosquitos is the way most of us want to go. When I first came across this remedy, I wasn’t actually looking for a way to stop mosquitos from biting me. Although it was an issue for me, I would usually use the market brands to keep them at bay.

The real problem I was having was fleas biting me. My legs were cover in tiny little red bumps from fleas that would jump on me as soon as I walked in the grass. Just so happens this remedy works for fleas & mosquitos.

The Secret is in the Oil

So I guess you are wondering what is this “Oil” that works wonders and stop basically most biting insects from making you scratch you skin to the bone.

Neutrogena Body Oil

This oil is used a prevention method. This oil that works for me can be found in many stores. It is called “Sesame Oil”. Now you could buy the sesame oil that you use in cooking. It might be effective but there is a better solution.

They make a Sesame Body Oil that is used as a Body Moisturizer for dry skin. Not sure of the science of why it repels mosquitos but it does works. Guess they just hate sesame oil. One thing that is really nice about this oil is, it doesn’t stay oily like baby oil. It absorbs right into the skin. At least it does for me personally.

How to Use Sesame Oil

Of course the simplest way to apply the oil is to use your hands. Take a small amount in the palm of your hand for each area you cover. Work into your legs, arms and neck area. If your planning to hang out in the backyard in the evenings, then it is best to apply this just before going out. This gives your full strength protection. I also use this after taking a shower in the mornings/evenings to get a good start of protection for the day. You can either wash your hands after applying or leave it on for moisturizing & extra protection.

Will This Work For Me

There is no guarantee this hack will work for everyone. The only way you will know if it is a solution for you is to try it. The cost to purchase a bottle and try it is very reasonable. If it doesn’t work then you have some extra body oil to make your skin shimmer. The results I have had with this oil have been amazing. The mosquitos (and the fleas) now have to find another meal.

Where to find Sesame Body Oil

Most of local stores carry sesame body oil. Some even have their own “off brands”. Target has their own brand and works pretty good. The Neutrogena brand is really good and can be found in stores but many times is out of stock. Amazon has a good price for single bottles and even for buying in bulk.

Wrapping things up

Hopefully you have found a solution for What will Keep Mosquitoes from Biting you. As you all know, sometimes things work different for each individual. I really hope this hack is a remedy you can use for years to come and give you a little peace to enjoy the outdoors.

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If you decide to give the sesame body oil hack a try, please come back and leave your comments below on how it worked for you. Did you find you needed to reapply? Did you like it? Did it work? Your comments are very helpful for other readers. Till next post, Stay safe and hack your health.

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