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Overwhelmed? Anxiety? Try using the 5 Thinking Hats Technique

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In a period where the world is chaotic and everything seems upside down, it can be hard to calm your mind. In order to fit into this changing times, our minds have a tendency to propelled themselves into overdrive. This leads to a big issue behind stress and anxiety, depression as well as insomnia: the principle of overthinking.

Overthinking spurs when our minds refuse to be silent and rather pick to constantly grapple at a series of ideas.

Overthinking spurs when our minds refuse to be silent and rather pick to constantly grapple at a series of ideas. The Good News Is, Rachel Ramos has discovered a way to battle it. Ramos is a World renown Behavioral Response consultant, developer of the Tweekit app and also founder of the Recovery Formula site. She struggled with mental issues for numerous years prior to uncovering this new means of self-soothing. Here’s her story. The key to suppressing this cycle of ideas is to sidetrack your mind and focus on another thing.

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The 5 Thinking Hats Method

Step 1: Name 5 things you can physically see. Become aware of your surroundings and look specifically for things you can see. As an example, rather than stating “chair”, describe it as brownish chair, torn as well as huge enough for 2 people to sit in.

Step 2: Name 4 things you can actually feel. Take a min to move your toes inside your footwear or feel your material in your sweatshirt rub next to your arm. Pick up a pen and feel the shape & size of it.

Step 3: Name 3 things you can hear. Close your eyes and also listen very closely to what’s around you. Is there a canine barking in the neighborhood? Listen for a lawn mower running? Is there a baby sobbing on the other side of the room? Pick 3 sounds as well as separate them from all various other noise.

Step 4: Name 2 things you can smell. Keep your eyes shut. Also try to determine details scents like popcorn, flowers, sweat, peanut butter, perfume, Windex and so on.

Step 5: Name 1 good thing about yourself. This is the hardest part of the technique, because your focus is rerouted upon yourself. The trick is to think of a positive quality about yourself. Do this as fast as you can, before any type of negative thoughts have the opportunity to worm themselves right into your mind. You are a precious and beautiful soul and you will get though this.

Give it time

The 5 Thinking Hats has actually been found to help in stopping the vicious cycle of overthinking as well as can ward anxiousness in the future as well. The approach can be changed or expanded as you find your needs may be. The trick is not to cure yourself all at one time, but to take baby like steps progressively to enhance with the exercise that benefit you.

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We hope you have found this article helpful and would love to hear ways you have found to deal with stress and anxiety. Please feel free to leave comments below. Also, above is a shortlist of the method. You can print out for your own use and carry with you to help when you need it. Take care and be safe!

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