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Does the Keto Shake Work?

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Keto Shake – Will it Work or Not?

Will the Keto Shake work or not? The answer is Yes and No. It depends on many factors. What is the product? What is in the product? Does it have artificial sugars? How much you take? What you eat? Due to there being so many things to consider when it comes to Keto, the main factor is each person response to the diet differently. So like every diet, it may work for some and may not work for others. You will never know UNLESS you give it a good trial to find out for yourself.

What is the Keto Diet?

According to a search on Google the definition of Keto Diet is “an extreme low-carbohydrate diet that aims to promote the metabolism of fats into ketone bodies (rather than carbohydrates into glucose) to provide the body’s main source of energy.” “snacks require a bit of planning when you’re following a ketogenic diet, but there are plenty of tasty low-carb options available”

The Keto Diet is “an extreme low-carbohydrate diet that aims to promote the metabolism of fats into ketone bodies (rather than carbohydrates into glucose) to provide the body’s main source of energy.” ~ Defined by Google.

For years worrying about weight was not an issue for myself. Eating anything was not a problem to cause weight gain.  Although trying to eat on the healthier side became very hard due to a busy life and eating the fast food lane became more frequently over the past several years. The scale were dusty from not checking in and the pants were getting tight. Finally taking the courage to step on the scales to find 15 pounds over the weight that had been ideal for the past 20 years. If you can relate, then read on to find out my story.

“It’s ONLY 15 pounds!”  “What’s the BIG deal?”

Although some may think “It’s only 15 pounds!”  “What’s the BIG deal?” To most this isn’t considered a significant weight gain. To someone who didn’t have to fret about weight all their life, this feels like they gained 50 lbs!!! The turning point was when putting on a two-piece bathing suit for a vacation trip. The disappointment and embarrassment of the muffin top around the bottoms of the suit . Something had to change and it starts NOW!

Exercise routine and eating more fruits & veggies is the old fashion way to lose the weight. Right?

Not for this girl! Nothing seemed to change in the waist line like expected. Doing this for about a year and not seeing results and the belly was not getting any smaller. What was wrong???  My metabolism had always been on the high side and I could always burn off the calories with no problem until now it just was not working. Not happy with things and feelings of depression coming, it was time to dig in and do some research. Life got busy, things happened and this research was put on hold temporally.

Dad was having some real issues with his hand shaking and researching CBD became priority. Ended up coming across a site and ordered some CBD gummies to see if it would him. In addition. I purchased some CBD tinature oil for an aching neck (That’s another story in it’s self). A few weeks after Dad said the gummies were very helpful for him and the oil was helping with the neck issue, decided it was time to check out the site to see what other products they had available. The company had recently launched a KETO Shake and everyone was raving about it. Boy isn’t that funny how the universe works and brings things to light to you.

Note to self – Make time to research about the Keto Diet

Realizing it was now the time to make time to research about the Keto Diet, Google became the go to as usual. Began reading articles and hearing people talking about doing keto and having really good results from it. Was this an option? Can you NEVER eat what you want ever again to actually lose weight on this diet?  This was not what a desired outcome in my opinion. Just wanted to lose 15 lbs and get back to the old weight. Did some more researched on the keto shake the company was offering. The company had a money back guarantee and the other products were quality products. What the heck, time to give this stuff a try!

Hearing people talking about doing keto and having really good results from it. Was this an option? Can you NEVER eat what you want ever again to actually lose weight on this diet ?

About a few days after I received the keto shake, I decided to give it a try. I stated out with using Almond milk and added the mix into my bullet blender that had been sitting in the cabinet for months.

The first try was very different than I expected. It tasted like cake batter! Now I love to bake and licking the bowl is something my daughter & I love to do. Whether it’s cake batter, brownie mix or cookie dough. You name it – We love it! I actually really loved the taste of the shake and it was good. To me it didn’t have any grain texture like the protein shakes I had tried.

I decided to experiment with a few add-in’s. I added strawberries, then tried raspberries and eventually got the idea to add in Activia yogurt. Although it had a few non-keto friendly ingredients, I was not necessarily going completely KETO anyway.

The company recommends to use one scoop and replace 1 meal a day for best results. Of course, doing the keto foods is more helpful but I wasn’t ready to give it all up my favorite foods just yet. I also didn’t want to go through the KETO Flu either like everyone had talked about. I just wanted to take off the pounds and feel normal again or close to it.

What was experienced by using the keto shake:

Week1 – Decided to only do the keto shake every other day. Didn’t weight in until the end of the week. Ended up losing about 2 pounds. This was a start!

Week 2 –  Continued the shake every other day. Weight would fluctuate between losing a pound or two more and weight would be up/down especially if had went out to dinner and had a heavy meal. (Only doing the shake every other day, what would you expect anyway)

Week 3 – Feeling like on to something, as noticed pants were not as tight. The belly even looked smaller. Began weighing at night and again in the morning. By the end of third week total pound all together lost was 8 pounds!!! At this point, my thoughts were, “this stuff actually does work!

Going in the 4 & 5th week, as a result of a crazy busy schedule, ended up not taking the shake for a week or so. Did know one thing though, planiing to continue this product soon cause it was working. Maintained the weight lost but knew still had a few more pounds to go.

As of today, week 6, have personally lost 11 pounds. Still in the process of losing the last 4 pounds. Considering when your only doing about 60% keto foods, this is not bad results at all.

Results Could of Been Better

More than likely, if I had done the keto shake supplement every day and only did keto foods, then my results would of probably been much better. Due to the fact that I still have a sweet tooth and love steak house dinner rolls, my results definitely could improve by making more dietary changes.

The product I personally used is called Extreme Keto Shake. If your interested in learning more then go here. Please feel free to send me a note via Email or Facebook (phone number is also listed on Facebook it you want to contact to me personally)

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