Can Sound Frequencies Be Useful Against COVID-19?

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You many feel that sound frequencies is it just a bunch of hippy mumbo jumbo but many have found these techniques to be very helpful for alternative healing.

This Team of Researchers Has Actually Been Exploring Frequencies for More Than 40 Years

The frequency’s you will download are the outcome of practically 40 years of experience by a group of researchers. They started exploring compelled resonance and also harmonic wave innovation in 1982. Since that time, hundreds of individuals have gained from this innovation. Many people have been making use of acoustic wave frequencies to sustain their health and wellness with astonishing results.

Over the course of the past 40 years, this team of achieved medical professionals and also engineers have worked tirelessly to adjust and also perfect their propriety modern technology. The technology takes a look at similar in over thousands of people, allowing their group to recognize patterns that are consistent over a huge swath of people with terrific consistency.

They Isolated the Frequency

In February 2020 they were able to receive video and audio files to their team from infected patients in ICU from a doctor from Wuhan China . The patients exhibited consistent symptoms & had been medically diagnosed as having the Corona virus. From those voiceprints, their team was able to extract the information and isolate the specific frequency of the virus.

These frequencies are readily available to everyone who is interested to try them.

The frequency’s are free to download. They have also added a donation button to offer you a choice to provide what you assume the frequencies are worth. This is to help them even further their research study concerning these frequencies. Their goal, inevitably, is to raise funds automate their program. That being said, everyone is welcomed to download the frequencies, despite capability to pay. And also please pass the word to others. They seriously believe resonant frequencies have the capability to save us, but we should all work together to make that take place.

Here is the link to download the frequencies

What’s Your Thoughts on Sound Frequencies & Have You Found Them to Be Useful?

If you have used sound frequencies in the past, we would love to know if they were helpful or not. Leave a comment below and let us know what you have experienced with this alternative healing.

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